Our Mission Statement

Believe it or not, India's treatment of cows is among the cruelest in the world. Since it is illegal to kill healthy, young cattle, they are often deliberately maimed. Their legs may be broken or they may be poisoned so that they can be declared fit for slaughter, not that too many slaughterhouse workers care. We have seen healthy calves and still productive milk cows openly killed.

Cattle are tied together with ropes through their noses and beaten mercilessly in forced "death marches" over hundreds of kilometers. They are also transported in appalling conditions, crammed on top of each other into lorries in the searing Indian heat. They cannot help but crush one another and suffer and they die hideous deaths from suffocation and wounds. The lorries careen at breakneck speeds along bumpy dirt and gravel roads and down mountain passes, pitching the cows around and causing more injury and death.

During the marches, cattle collapse from hunger, exhaustion, injury and despair. Handlers force them along by snapping their tails at each joint and rubbing tobacco, chilies and salt into their eyes. Each snap brings pain analogous to that of breaking a finger. They are never offered food or even as much as a drop of water.

By the time they arrive at the slaughterhouse, some animals are dead and many are so sick and injured that they must be dragged inside, again with no concern for their feelings and pain. A closer look at the animals still conscious reveals sheer terror and betrayal, their short fur stands on end. Once inside, their throats are slit in front of other watching and waiting cattle. Some have their legs hacked off while still conscious or suffer the agony of being skinned alive.

We resuce this animals while they are transported to slaughter.

Our Activites

  • 2002 - 2004 March 563 cows and its progeny were saved.
  • 2004 - 2005 March 495 cows and its progeny were saved.
  • 2005 - 2006 March 721 cows and its progeny were saved.
  • 2006 Decmber 771 cows and its progeny were saved.
  • 2007 Decmber 868 cows and its progeny were saved.
  • 2008 Decmber 910 cows and its progeny were saved.
  • From 01-01-2009 to 28-11-2009 643 cows and its progeny were saved.
  • From 28-11-2009 to 06-11-2011 till Bakri Eid 882 cows and its progeny were saved.

Govansh Raksha Samiti Goshala

Our goals at Govansh Raksha Samiti Goshala are :

  • To rescue stray, abandoned, and neglected cows, bring about their recovery as healthy, well-treated companions, and to promote such care and compassion.
  • Expanding our enterprise. In both aspects of our goals, premier cow protection, milk production, utilization of cow power (gober methane gas), self-sufficiency, and to be an inspiration to all good-natured souls are what we strive for.
  • To provide the best possible care and attention given to cows prior to being taken to a shelter home and veterinary centre.

Call : +91 94 222 55 287 Email :info@savecow.org